Bird Life

Kudu Private Nature Reserve is a Twitcher’s paradise and there is a regular column in Kudu Chronicles our online magazine that will highlight the habitat, sounds and appearance of the birds that live on the farm.

Over 300 species of have been identified on Kudu so far and many migratory birds are also attracted to the forests, wetlands and bushveld. Get out there with your binoculars and a good birding book and spot 8 species of Kingfisher, 5 species of Woodpecker.

Raptors such as the African Crowned Eagle can be seen nesting on the way down to Hippo Pools and Verreaux’s Eagle and the Lizard Buzzard can be seen circling in the skies. White Backed Vultures are attracted to the vulture pantry on Boompaats.

While hiking the riverine trails you may spot a Nerina Trogan or the African Finfoot along the Dorps River. And what would our early morning wake-up call on the farm be without the friendly Chats, Arrow-marked Babblers and Francolins adding their calls to the dawn chorus?


Download the Kudu Bird List