Fauna and Flora at Kudu Private Nature Reserve

As you step out of your vehicle on arriving at your Kudu home, you may be fortunate enough to startle a warthog family who have taken up residence in your absence or the Shelley’s Francolin may fly out of their roosting spot in your thatch. We have over 30 species of game resident here and what better way to raise a family than to allow them to be a part of a natural world that is so rare to find during the course of our commercial pursuits. A night spent on Kudu is enough to iron out the kinks and stresses of our busy lives. And if you can spare the time for a few days on the farm you are sure to spot herbivores, large and small. Grazers such as Zebra and Buffalo can be seen or the more selective Blue Wildebeest, Impala and Sable.

Among the trees as you traverse the farm in your open game vehicle you are sure to come across the Giraffe families with their young, peacefully browsing or lying in the veld in the early morning. And of course you will spot Kudu bulls with their magnificent horns as well as groups of females and their young. More difficult to spot are Klipspringers, Nyala and Waterbuck as well as the elusive Mountain Reedbuck. But if you are in the right habitat at the right time they make for those special moments that make great campfire stories. And if you can add Honey Badger, Dwarf Mongoose, Dassies and Spring Hares to your list you will speak about them to friends and family for years.

As the sun starts setting, take a hamper with sundowners, head out for the Wetlands or the Boomplaats plains and prepare yourself for spotting nocturnal animals that begin to stretch and yawn as they set off on their night’s adventures. If you are quiet and resist the temptation to blind them with spotlights, you may have the privilege of seeing Leopard, Brown Hyena, Civet, Serval and Genet. Over on the western side of the farm as you make your way through the Buffalo enclosure on your way to George’s View you may see Caracal, Ardvark and most rarely, the Aardwolf. You are sure to return to your evening dinner, quietly assured that you are part of a very special place.